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Dainis Medjaniks, Violin

Moritz Weigert, Cello

Asen Tanchev, Piano

Pianist Asen Tanchev and violinist Dainis Medjaniks had been performing successfully together in various chamber music formations for several years before founding the Soleri Trio in 2017.
After a prolonged search they were joined by cellist Moritz Weigert.

SOLERI stands for the musician's three cities of origin: Sofia, Leipzig and Riga.

Since 2020, the trio has been studying with Dirk Mommertz (Fauré Quartet), Eberhard Feltz and Priya Mitchell at the HMTM Munich, after finishing their studies with Oliver Wille (Kuss Quartet) and Markus Becker at the HMTM Hanover.

Further musical impulses from Günther Pichler (Alban Berg Quartet), Raphaël Merlin (Ébène Quartet), Jacques Ammon, Silke Avenhaus, Peter Buck (Melos Quartet), Stefan Heinemeyer (Atos Trio), Kristin von der Goltz and Wen-Sinn Yang have been supporting their development.

In 2022 the Soleri Trio won the 3rd Prize at the International Chamber Music Competition „Franz Schubert and Modern Music“ in Graz, Austria. The same year they received the 3rd Prize (no First Prizeawarded) at the Ysaye International Music Competition in Liége, Belgium.

In 2021 the trio won the Highly Commended Prize at the Parkhouse Award, Wigmore Hall, London, as well as the 2nd Prize at the Società Umanitaria Music Competition in Milan.

At the 64th International Jeunesses Musicales Chamber Music Campus in Weikersheim, they were awarded the special prize as one of the most promising young ensembles of 2019.

The trio is united by the great desire to reflect their different backgrounds and stories in music. They are always looking for new ways and means of expression without neglecting the musical context for all their enthusiasm, passion and spontaneity.

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